27 June 2009

Cartoon No. 28 - Are you Sick?

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The most anticipated sequel to Transformers the movie is now showing -- Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Potpot and friends have been planning to watch together. The idea for this cartoon / comic strip is based on real events. This cartoon is hence dedicated to my friends ... who are all well by the time this comic strip was posted. :)

Cartoon / Comic Strip Translation:

Panel 1:
Potpot: "Hey Mumay, let's go watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen tonight. I'll text my friends. They might want to join us."
Mumay is excitedly replies, "Woohoo! I'll go get ready."

Panel 2:
Potpot sent a group message (GM) via text to her friends.
The text message reads: Who wants to watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen tonight? Padsuy said he'll take care of our popcorns.

Panel 3:
Bicbic received Potpot's text message and replied:
"I'm sorry I can't make it. I have fever."

Panel 4:
Poypoy received Potpot's text message and replied:
"I'm sorry I can't make it. I have chicken pox."

Panel 5:
Pedro received Potpot's text message and replied:
"I'm sorry I can't make it. I have dengue."

Panel 6:
Mumay is ready to go and tells Potpot, "I'm ready! Let's go!"
Potpot isn't looking really well and tells Mumay,
"I'm sorry, I can't make it. I think I'm going to be sick."

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Drew said...

Wahahaha good thing nobody got sick before watching transformers

Ada said...

Great illustration and story! Haha! Tinamad na yung nagyaya hehe!

Rina / Potpot said...

Drew - Si Popoy may chicken pox pa rin kaya di pa rin namin nakasama. :(

Ada - Oh waw, thanks for visiting and for the compliment. :)

Waffle said...

Buti walang nag ka A(N1H1) sa kanila XD

Waffle said...

ay mali, AH1N1 pala (brain damage) XD

Rina / Potpot said...

Hey Waffle! :P

Yeah ... buti nalang! But it was still somewhat hilarious that 3 of my barkada got sick simultaneously. To think it's not the usual cough or cold. Hehe!

Snow said...

Whoa, lahat may dahilan! @_@

Ambo said...

Nice one lahat me sakit parang ako din but i watched Transformers twice haha

Pads said...

can't wait for the next story... XD

Rina / Potpot said...

Thanks for visiting Potpot! :)

Next comic strip is in progress!

Popoyski~ said...


ang kulit andito rin aku~ weee~

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