18 June 2009

Cartoon No. 27 - The Middle

Cartoon / Comic Strip Translation:

Panel 1:
Potpot and Mumay is still at the beach.
Mumay is looking for Potpot.
Mumay is shouting, "Potpot! Potpot! Where are you?"

Panel 2:
Mumay is getting a little impatient looking for Potpot.
Mumay in thoughts, "Where did she go?"

Panel 3:
Mumay finds Potpot sitting and looking really sad.
Mumay wonders why.

Panel 4:
Potpot and Mumay is now talking.
Mumay asks Potpot, "What''s wrong? You didn't find your towel?"
Potpot replies, "I did. I even met that guy I was with again. But he lives in South Central."

Panel 5:
Mumay: "So?!? What's the problem with that?"
Potpot: "We live in North Central! We're at opposite poles!"

Panel 6:
Mumay happily shares, "So?!? Isn't that what the middle is for?"
We find Potpot grinning with this realization.

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