03 August 2010

Potpot Goes To Eastwood City

I've recently joined a contest sponsored by Eastwood City. It entails sharing 20 reasons why I love Eastwood City. My entry is a blog entry with Potpot in the pictures. It won me season passes, unlimited movie pass for 6 months! I'm really excited since I love watching movies! I'd like to share my entry with Potpot fans. My cartoon character made it fun for me to write my entry.

Here are a few photos from the entry:

Eastwood Mall 001

Eastwood Mall 002

Eastwood Mall 003

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25 April 2010

Wash Upon A Time

Potpot is the face of Wash Upon A Time!

My sister and I ventured into the laundry business and we came up with the name Wash Upon A Time. We wanted something "spoofy" or quirky so that it would be easy to remember. We decided to put Potpot as our mascot! :)

Do wish us luck!

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