06 June 2009

Cartoon No. 26 - Here Comes The Rain

Here's the entire comic strip at a glance:

Cartoon / Comic Srip Translation:

Panel 1: We continue our cartoons with Motmot and Potpot trying to get to know each other. Potpot asks Motmot, "So, where are you from?" He replied, "I live in South Central. And you?"

Panel 2: Potpot appears sad with what Motmot just said. Confused, he asks her, "Hey, what's wrong, I just returned the question."

Panel 3: Potpot says, "I live in North Central." Now we see that Motmot looks sad from her reply.

Panel 4: Suddenly, the rain came. Summer is officially over and we are left to wonder if it is the only one that ended. This cartoon ends with both characters in thought. Motmot silently expresses, "I hate the rain!" and Potpot thought, "I hate the words North and South!"

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