05 July 2009

Cartoon No. 29 - Waiting Game

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This comic strip is a sequel to Cartoon No. 28 - Are You Sick? wherein Potpot's friend Padsuy was mentioned but we didn't see what happened to him. Let's find out ...

Panel 1:
We are introduced to Padsuy. He arrives at the theaters early and decided to buy the movie tickets before it gets sold out. In his mind he figures, "It's a good thing I got here early. The line is quite long and there were only a few seats left. They'll be happy I was able to buy movie tickets."

Panel 2:
As promised, Padsuy also thought of buying the popcorn before his friends arrive (the previous cartoon mentioned this). In his thoughts, "I've got the popcorns! Now all I have to do is wait for them to get here."

Panel 3:
We find Potpot with a realization, "Oh no! I forgot to text Padsuy that the movie thing is off!"

Panel 4:
Several hours later ...

We still find Padsuy waiting for his friends to arrive ... or not! He tries to convince himself, "Patience is a virtue ..."

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Pads said...

hahaha nice one ate rins.

Drew said...

hahahaha "Patience is a Virtue" Love this one

Rina / Potpot said...

Pasalamat si Padsuy di ko sya ginawang matanda sa last panel. Haha!

Snow said...

Yeah, patience is a virtue that I am so happy to have.

Hindi lahat mayroon niyan Rina! ^_^

Rina / Potpot said...

Thanks for dropping by again Snow! :)

Next strip in progress ...

Waffle said...

I hope he gets a refund on all those tickets!!! XD

sol said...

wah ano nangyari sa tix na binili ni pads O.o

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