16 March 2009

Cartoon No. 20 - Summertime

Potpot: "I don't know how to swim but I like to wade in the water.
I hope I'll see someone cute ... acheche!"

IT'S SUMMERTIME! Where will you be?

When I started drawing Potpot for the 1st time, I was deliberating whether or not she'll sport a long or short hair. At the time, the long hair won. But I had a change of heart ... so to speak. I cut my hair short a few days after we celebrated the coming of 2009. I've been maintaining its length ever since. I know I've been lagging in my posts here and I needed to take a break from an illustration work I accepted. As I drew Potpot, I decided to give her a haircut. She's now short-haired! Still cute nevertheless. Haha!

I still don't have plans for the summer but I'm hoping I'll have the opportunity to enjoy the beach. I recently went to Pagudpud in Ilocos and I wasn't able to maximize my stay there. First of all, the waves were wild and since I didn't know how to swim, the water became a little scary for me. Worst, there were no lifeguards in sight so I just stayed very near the shoreline.

See more of Potpot in summer action in succeeding cartoons!

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mrslavendula said...

cool haircut potpot!
i totally agree, waves in ilocos are probably for surfers more than leisure swimmers! but its beautiful to take a long drive there.
when i saw you at rockwell rins, i thought your hair looked great!

Waffle said...

I hope Potpot finds her soul mate this time and the beach can turn out for a romantic setting too! Go Potpot!

And there should be lifeguards in Pagudpud... for the safety and a little bit of eye candy :D

Rina said...

Thanks Mitzi! I was dazed when I saw you and Reg at Rockwell. Couldn't even find a topic for small talk. :( But yes, the long drive would have been great. My friends was very polite so I was often at the backseat enjoying the sites.


Waffle! Thanks for visiting my site again. Can't wait for your next strip. I hope I can make one for Potpot too one of these days. :P

mrslavendula said...

wow! the backseat is the best place to be during long drives!
im currently reviewing for the phil pedia society written exam next week....*ahhhghghhhh!@#!*
blogging keeps me sane!
and yes that was turon! =)

Rina said...

I like it better if I'm behind the wheel. Weird noh? I like the feeling of being in control, figuratively speaking.

Good luck! I didn't know you decided to be a pediatrician. Parang ang cool maging doctor to kids. :)

rors said...

*mumay tags along to the beach with potpot* hahaha!

Laarni said...

KYOT! i also don't know how to swim. pffft. tanning na lang sa sun. hehehe.

My Hun loves to draw too. Keep it up!

Rina said...

Rors, nakakalito na tuloy kung sino talaga si Mumay! :P next cartoon ko, introduce ko yung cute doggie.


Hi Laarni, thanks for dropping by. Still trying to improve my craft. :P

Azrael Coladilla said...

ok ito blog mo ah
update me pag meron ka post na bago

post mo lang sa plurk ehehehee..cute ng cartoon cahracter mo

Rina said...

Thanks Az! Sige, plurk ko pag may new cartoon. :P

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