24 March 2009

Cartoon No. 21 - 1st Comic Strip

Mumay: "Potpot, Tintin and I will go with you to beach, okay?"
Potpot: "Sigh. You and your dog will just be a burden to me."

Mumay: "No! As a matter of fact, we will be the solution to all your problems."
(Potpot is suddenly curious.)

Mumay: "First, if you'll be with Tintin, she'll look really cute and surely guys will start approaching. You might even meet your soulmate!"
(Potpot is now grinning with delight.)

Mumay: "Second, since you don't know how to swim, I'll be your PERSONAL LIFE PRESERVER!"


I've been meaning to draw a comic strip for Potpot since the beginning her existence. Finally! The drafting/drawing table my sister gave me actually encouraged me to finally do it. Yes, I didn't have a good table to work on when I started cartooning again. A close friend reminded me that it would be a worthy investment. It surely is. I was able to draw easier and more comfortably. Thanks to my sister who advanced her birthday gift to me! Mwah! And so Potpot's 1st comic strip is a tribute to her.

my very own drafting table

I made some modifications with Mumay. She is now wearing flip flops just like Potpot! This is in light with an event I recently participated in. I attended Ipanema's Walk the Green Mile Walkathon last Saturday, 21 March 2009 at The Fort. It was intended to increase awareness of our depleting rainforests. The Haribon Foundation launched a project -- Road to 2020 -- that aims to plant 1 million hectares of rainforest by the year 2020. Ipanema is showing its support to this cause by donating a portion of every Ipanema flip flops sold to Haribon Foundation. So if you're thinking of buying new flip flops this summer, please choose Ipanema. They are purely made of recycled materials. Not only will you have stylish slippers, you'll be helping mother earth as well.

Look! I wore my Ipanema flip flops during the walkathon!

This summer, Potpot will be spending a lot of her time at the beach. So don't forget to come back for more of Potpot's summer kicks!

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rors said...

hahaha!!! panalo 'to!!!

Waffle said...

Sana makahanap ng soul mate is Potpot! Nakakaaliw si Mumay, she seems comfortable with her body image and so jolly! :)

I like your drafting table and the wallpaper in front of it. Your workstation looks very cozy. :)

P.S. In response to your comment on my site... Meagan is a girl :D

Rina said...

Hi again Waffle! Yey! I finally got to draw my 1st comic strip!

The wallpaper is actually a glass wall which I asked some of my friends to paint on. :P

I made a boo boo on my comment on your latest strip. So sorry. Nalito ako sa characters. Hehe! Peace!

Cath said...

nice new hair do ate rins. ^_^

earthlingorgeous said...

Hi Rina! Wow nice Comic Strip :) pwede bang gawan mo rin ako ng caricature ko ahahaahaha. Love your work very funny.

Oh and that Boyet Fajardo, now you know him hah! Nag-apologize for his "creative outburst" but his apology was not so sincere so dapat lang makasuhan. hahah.

Rina said...

Thanks Cath! Short hair mode muna si Potpot. :P


Hi Earth! Sure! Pag magaling nakong mag caricature. :P

CaesariaN said...

.........fellow aRtist!

blog hopping hir

Rina said...

Hi Caesarian!

Thanks for visiting Potpot. :)

Micamyx said...

Ang cute naman nung comic strip hehe :D

Yep, we were not formally introduced lol blame Fitz hehe :D nice seeing you though :D next time wee

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