09 March 2009

Cartoon No. 19 - Hidden Garden, Vigan, Ilocos

Potpot: "Maybe this is where my soulmate hides."

I mentioned in an earlier post that I recently went on a road trip to explore Ilocos with dear friends. Our 1st stop was Vigan and we were fortunate to have a very kind and hospitable tour guide with us. He took us to Hidden Garden for lunch. This is where I took this picture of a Lover's Corner. Maybe I should give Potpot a soulmate. What do you think?

Anyway, if you're going to visit Ilocos, you shouldn't miss going to Hidden Garden. The food is great and the ambience is very relaxing. It's one big garden located just outside the city. Upon entering the place, you will be escorted to view the grounds. The dining area will be waiting for you after exploring the garden. My friends and I did it backwards. We ate before we toured the grounds. Haha! Talk about being really hungry!

We arrived around 2pm and the heat from our morning tour made us more restless. I saw a duyan in our dining area and I immediately asked an attendant if customers can use it. Turned out it's really meant for customers. I fell asleep almost instantly in it. :P

The duyan where I took a quick nap while waiting for our food to arrive.

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Daday Da Makulay said...

Ang funny ng Hidden Garden na yan. May mga road signs na "This way to Hidden Garden". E di hindi na sya hidden! Pambihira!

Rina said...

Hi Daday! Hahaha! Oo! Kaya siguro hidden kasi pag andun kana, wala ka ng makita sa labas. :P

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