04 February 2009

Cartoon No.11 - Hot Air Potpot Balloon

I'm sorry it took a longer time for me to post this cartoon. I was working on a cartoon job. Anyway, since I'd be including this chubby girl as the main character's counterpart in my cartoons, I'd like to formally introduce her as Potpot's sister and her name is -- Mumay!

The upcoming Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009 in Pampanga inspired this cartoon. Haha! Imagine pumping air into your body and gain weight in an instant. It's like liposuction for people who want to lose weight.

This year, the annual event will be held from February 12-15, 2009. My sister and I are planning to witness the event on its last day. Activities would include exhibitions in skydiving, kite flying, helicopter flying, and a lot more. There will also be aerobotic flight display and of course, the hot air balloon flight.

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Anonymous said...

haha ayos sa to ah! eto ok rin share ko lang, nakita niyo na ung creepy backmask ng red mobile tvc? check niyo to…


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