07 February 2009

Cartoon No. 12 - Super Potpot

SUPER POTPOT: Protector of the Weightless

I've been meaning to draw Potpot as a superhero. Here it is!
Maybe one day I'll be able to make a short story out of her.

Gets me to thinking ... if I were a superhero, what superpower would I want to have?
Well, I want to have the ability of bringing life to my cartoons or drawings. Wouldn't it be wonderful to just draw that prices would go down and just like that, it will? Wouldn't it be wonderful to just draw for a better government and just like that, it will happen? Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could just draw myself as a young rich girl and it too, will happen? Haha! But who says I don't have a superpower? Or you? We all have superpowers -- our talents! Everyone has a talent that separates him/her from other people. We just need to believe in ourselves more.

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Waffle said...

Hmm... Super Potpot would make a 13 episode animated short series. :)

jehzlau said...

ang cute naman ni super pot pot :D hehehe

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