27 January 2009

Cartoon No. 9 - Diet

Potpot: "I don't want to be skinny anymore Mom. I can't go on a diet."

This cartoon is dedicated to my nanay (mother) who always believed in my artistic side. She used to scold me back in high school because I tend to spend more time being an artist than being a student. Haha! I know that she believes because I see her smile whenever she looks at my cartoons on our classroom blackboard. But she had to remind me that there's a time for everything and that time, I needed to concentrate on my studies. Now I've decided to embrace the cartoonist in me and there's no more scolding! There's only encouragement and support. Thanks nay!

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carre said...

hindi ako nagkamali di ba? u r an acadamic achiever .1 short of cum laude. actually sa UP cum laude ka kasi don 1.75 cum laude na eh ikaw 1.6. Now, libreng libre kana, go ahead enjoy. Pero teka wag ka masyado maengrss dyan baka makalimutan mo na mag asawa. Gusto ko ng apo na ibibili ng laruan araw araw. hehehe

jehzlau said...

hahahaha! napatawa mo ako sa 10 words na sinabi ni pot pot! mabuhay si pot pot! haha :D

maikeru76 said...

Nice! A true artist is always a student c",

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