26 January 2009

Cartoon No. 8 - Potpot Flies

Potpot: "I can fly!"

This happened to me back in high school. Of course the cartoon is an exaggeration of how it actually happened. But it still involved the umbrella. It was raining and very windy. My friend and I were walking in the field. I forgot where we were heading. Anyway, I was holding the umbrella for both of us and I unconsciously shifted it to the back. The wind blew hard simultaneously with that act and I was thrown back and was mid air for a couple of seconds. Haha!

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carre said...
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carre said...

hehehe sa sobrang kapayatan natangay ng hangin. di bale remember mga payat ang kinukuhang modelo. maganda raw sampayan ng damit.

Rina Alcantara said...

Nanay! Ikaw pala yan! Ginamit mo yung palayaw mo. Hehehe! Haha! Gawan ko nga ng cartoon yang pagiging sampayan ng damit ...

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