08 September 2009

Cartoon No. 35 - Superheroes

A special treat to all my readers -- an 8-panel comic strip to compensate for my 2 weeks of absence!

For your reference:

Cartoon No. 12 - Super Potpot

Super Potpot's 1st appearance. Back then, she still had long hair.

Cartoon No. 33 - Bonggang Volta (Part 3)
Bonggang Volta discovered her power to glow.

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On the side ...

My friends and I shoot a short video as an entry to The Best About C2 Life video making contest. Please support our entry -- No. 25 - Assignment: What's Best About Life? -- through your vote. Thank you!

Watch our entry here, comment, and then vote here. Thank you!

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Rors said...

Mumay FTW!!! Namiss ko na si Mumay. Hahahaha! Ang taray ni Dondon o!

Don Trivino said...


Jeff 02 said...

Go Nanay! Ang bongga!

Pads said...

wahahaha nice costume! :))

Waffle said...

Hahaha! Pwede pang anti-senses ang powers nila. Magkaka-superheroes din ba na anti-smell, taste and touch? :))

Potpot said...

Human eye strainer and ear strainer! Haha!

darqueangel said...

Josko.. Favorite ko na toh... take note naka sweetheart pa na cut si volta..

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