20 August 2009

Potpot Attends Let's Go Surfing!

I was very hesitant at first to attend the 1st anniversary celebration of Let's Go Sago! -- Let's Go Surfing -- primarily because I don't know how to swim. Whenever I hit the beach, I'm happy staying near the shore. But I was told that one need not know how to swim to learn how to surf. Also, the beach where the event will be held is friendly to beginners like myself. The water is approximately 5ft deep from where we wait for a wave. Besides, I figured I'd be tied to the surf board. If things go wrong, I could easily bring myself up. So I decided to go with encouragement from friends. And I'm glad that I did because I had a blast!

Let's Go Surfing! was held last August 15-16, 2009 at San Juan Surf Resort in La Union. It's a beginner’s surfing clinic for bloggers and non-blogger participants at the Billabong Surf School with head instructor and Top Philippine Celebrity Luke Landrigan (who appeared as Men's Health Magazine May 2009 cover). Luke is an Australian-Filipino top surfer. He brought home the silver medal from the 2008 Asian Beach Games at Bali, Indonesia. He joined the surfing competition under the men's longboard category.

This is me riding the waves. It became addicting when I eventually found my balance.

Each participant was assigned a surf instructor. I had the pleasure of being the student of Jhericho Sy. As he was teaching me the basics, I was skeptical that I can do it. I had to lay down the surf board (face down) and wait for a good wave to push myself up and glide through the water. I failed on my 1st attempt. But my instructor was persistent and was very optimistic. Eventually, I was able to find my balance and the experience was amazing! I even forgot that I fear the water. Jhericho was continiously talking to me like we were old friends and it calmed me. He made sure I was always ready and kept on boosting my spirits. I am grateful I had a very encouraging instructor. He was so encouraging and believed in me so much that he gave me a bigger wave. Unfortunately, I crashed. Haha! But it was good because he kept challenging me to push myself more. In the end, it was definitely an hour of unforgettable experience!

With old and new friends!

It was an overnight event. We head back to Manila after lunch on Sunday. My legs ached the following morning but it was worth it. Hopefully, this wouldn't be my last attempt to surf!

The company of friends made the event more memorable.
From left: Pads, Dj, myself, Potpot, Dondon, and Fitz


Note: Bonggang Volta (Part 4) will resume next week!

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Kat - Kat said...

wow! ang galing magsurf @__@

ang cute naman nung logo mu sa picture ^__^

Pedro said...

This is so cool! So this is the person behind Potpot's cartoons.

Rina / Potpot said...

Hi Kat-Kat! Thanks for visiting! It's just a beginner's surf lesson. The waves were friendly. Thanks for finding Potpot cute. :P


Hi Pedro! Yes, that's me! :P

Tyrone | Millionaire Acts said...

Nice! Ang galing mag-surf. :)

Micamyx said...

Woot! Andun pala si Potpot hehe may invisible powers ba siya? :D

Rina / Potpot said...

Haha! Parang imaginary friend lang noh?! :P

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