15 July 2009

Cartoon No. 30 - Physical Education

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This comic strip was inspired by a recent incident I had during a workout.

Panel 1:
Potpot goes to gym. She tries her strength in weight lifting and figured, "This is a piece of cake!"

Panel 2:
We hear a fitness instructor shouting, "LOWER!" and Potpot starts to do her squats. She looks like she's having a hard time.

Panel 3:
We further hear the fitness instructor shouting louder, "LOWER!" and we see Potpot now having a really hard time.

Panel 4:
Potpot finally gives in and waves 2 white flags as a sign of surrender and says, "Ok, I made a mistake!"

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Drew said...

potpot in FF galing!!!

Rina / Potpot said...

Thanks Drew! I've had a good share of boo-boos at the gym. Will try to put it in cartoons too. :P

Snow said...

I love the pic! Cute...

Waffle said...

hahahahaha, ang cute ni Potpot :))

Snow said...

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Sincerely yours,


Rina / Potpot said...

Snow - I'm still finalizing my list. Thanks for reminding me. :) I visit your site regularly.


Thanks Waffle! :)

YULI said...

nice one! galing galing! :D

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