23 May 2009

Cartoon No. 24 - Lost and Found

Potpot is finally back!

I sincerely apologize for the time it took for this comic strip to come out and I sincerely thank everyone's patience for Potpot's return.

Please refresh your memory by reading the 1st 3 strips:

No. 21 - First Comic Strip
No. 22 - Patience is a Virtue

No. 23 - Forget Me Not

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Mikko said...

Ang cute ng drawing. Hahahaha.

On My Lefthand Corner said...

hangkyut ni mumay! haba na buhok niya :D

Rina / Potpot said...

Thanks Mikko! :)

kuting said...

destiny itoh! yiy!

Waffle said...

Malapit na mag end ang summer! Todo na to!!!

Ada said...

Potpot! I admire your drawings!
Do you draw using a tablet?

Rina / Potpot said...

@Kuting and Waffle,
Let's see kung destiny nga ... ;)


Thanks! All cartoons are hand drawn. I've been thinking of getting a pen and tablet para mas mabilis mag-color but I'm very interested in trying it to simply draw directly to the computer. :)

Languages Internationale said...

oh wow! look at your creations - pure fun =)

i hope you drop by my site too!


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