04 May 2009

Illustrations (",)

Holy cow! It has been half a month since I've updated Potpot's adventures. I'm almost done with my illustrations! Woohoo! I decided to post some of my drawings here and hopefully to get your opinion on things I need to improve. These illustrations will be used for a pre-school English textbook. I'm honestly excited!

Please tell me what you really think!

Note: These illustrations are properties of BC Educational, Inc. and cannot be reproduced or used in any manner without proper consent.

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rors said...

galing! promise!

lilyrei said...

These look great, Rina - they're exactly what I'd expect to see in a textbook for that age group! And the one with the animals is so cute!

Rina / potpot said...

Thanks lilyrei! I'm actually excited to see the textbook. It's my 1st pro illustration work.

My Lefthand Corner said...

ibalik na si potpot!!!

Waffle said...

Wow! Congratulations on this! -applause- May your illustrations grace more books in the future. Pretty soon, magkaka-children's story book ka na din :D

Rina / Potpot said...

I want that, a children's book illustrator. May color kasi dun. Sana sana sana ... :)

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