18 January 2009

Cartoon No. 3 - Run Potpot Run

English Translation:

Potpot: "Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!"
Dog (thinking): "Bones! Bones! My favorite!"

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rors said...

nice one, rins :)

tazkie said...

nice one ate rins... taz

Rina Alcantara said...

thanks taz!
how did you know this? =P

Pads said...

Hi Ate Rins! Is that Pangs? (rottweiler) :))

Pads said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
carre said...

kuhang kuha bangis ni pangs hehehe

carre said...

ganito kaya nung habulin nya si Ana? payat din yon akala ni Pangs delicious buto buto

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