17 January 2009

Cartoon No. 2 - "Pabigat"

English Translation:

Boy: "I don't want to play with you anymore! We keep losing because you weigh us down!"
Potpot: "How can I weigh us down if I don't have any weight?"

This is dedicated to my friend Mikey to whom I said Potpot's lines to. On the side, I play online games with friends. Unfortunately, I'm not really good at any of the games I play. Haha! I dropped that line to him one night after playing.

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Anonymous said...

Lolx! I love Mikey's Cap! Nice one Ate Rins!

- Pads

carre said...

parang hawig ke lemuel di ba? ganda to.

vctn said...

hahhahahah sabi ko na eh nakita ko palang ung cap mikey na naisip ko agad ^^

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