13 February 2009

My Shopaholic Confession

Hi my name is Rina and I'm a shopaholic!

Let me tell you that story ...

Once upon a time, a girl named Rina was sitting on a bed and kept fiddling with her wallet. It was after college and she was holding her very 1st hard earned money from a small business she started. She wanted to reward herself, to buy something that her heart desires. And so she got dressed, got to her car and drove to the mall. She didn't realize that it was the day that would change her life forever.

As a student, Rina already loves shopping with her mother. But her crave to buy clothes were restricted to what are just necessary. Her mother would always remind her about the practically of things. It really didn't bother her since the school Rina attends to have a very strict dress code. She knew that someday she will be able to satisfy her shopping crave. That day finally arrived.

In the mall, Rina had no idea what to buy until she saw a nice pair of strappy sandals. It would be her 1st open-toed shoes and she was very excited. She tried them on and walked around the shop a little to get a feel of the shoes. "This is it!", she thought. She gave the attendant a quick nod and bought the shoes. She was definitely happy. She realized it felt different that she had purchased an item entirely from her own money. She immediately remembers what her mother used to say to her that the satisfaction of shopping is more fulfilling when it comes from one's own pocket. Our girl was smiling as she stepped out of the store. She decided to go window shopping before heading home. Well, that's what she thought she was going to do.

Rina went in to every store she found interesting. After a few shops, she saw a pair of denim jeans and decided to see if it will fit. It did and they were a good pair. She bought the pair without having 2nd thoughts and said to herself, "This will be my last purchase for now." She further justified her acquisition with the idea that it's hard to find a good pair of jeans that would fit you perfectly. By now, she is even more satisfied. She was beginning to love the idea of rewarding herself for her hard work. She continued to scan each store she entered and found some more items to buy. After awhile, Rina realized she was already low in cash and this made her a little sad. It was time to head home.

That was the day Rina became a shopaholic. The mall became her haven. Every purchase gave her a sense of fulfillment. It became a temporary relief to her problems. But reality bites and soon, she realized that the real satisfaction comes from within -- her achievements.

That is the story of a once shopaholic. The lessons have been learned and she now lives happily ever after.

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Fitz said...

Woot! Good luck Rins!

Gem said...

Ang cute... of all the shopaholic entries that I see around, this post is the best one so far.

Yes, I was once a shopaholic, but like Rina, I learned my lessons well.

Rina said...

Hi Gem!

Thank you very much for the compliment. :)

I hope you enjoyed visiting Potpot as well. Hehe!

mrslavendula said...

gosh! i know the feeling!!! unfortunately i dont think ive learned my lesson too well just yet!

Janrafi said...

shopaholic ba consider ang foodaholic? ehehe as in food ang shop kapag me pera?

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